Bakkie Hire or Rental in Kareedouw from R350!

  • BAKKIE HIRE FROM R350! Affordable bakkie hire in Kareedouw.
  • NO CREDIT CARD & DEPOSIT! No deposit bakkie hire in Kareedouw which can be up to R10 000.
  • NO HIDDEN COSTS BAKKIE HIRE! What is quoted is what is quoted in Kareedouw.
  • BAKKIE HIRE INSURED! Your property is safe in Kareedouw.
  • BAKKIE HIRE WITH DRIVER! Bakkie hire plus a professional driver in Kareedouw.
  • SIMPLE & FAST RESPONSE! Get a bakkie for hire in Kareedouw to you fast.
  • PROFESSIONAL & FRIENDLY! We guarantee satisfaction.
  • ALL YOUR BAKKIE HIRE NEEDS! Labourers, trailer, and more catering to your needs in Kareedouw.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE We do the job well, if not satified we return your money.

You, the buyer or franchisee, in order to protect you against getting goods or service that is unsatifactory we use an escrow service, you deposit your payment to an escrow service company (e.g a law firm), the 3rd party escrow service serves as a transaction conduit to protect you, the 3rd party will only release your money to the supplier of goods or services you buying once you have indicated satisfaction that the goods/service you received is in order, else the 3rd party escrow service returns the money back to you, this guarantees 100% protection of your money.

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