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Tender Funder/Investor Application Form

The Best Business/Investment Opportunity Is To Join MarketDirect Tender Funder Club

NOTE: You must have money NOW to invest to join!

Why waste time bidding for tenders/purchase orders and probably losing the bid many times over? No need. Partner in already won tenders/purchase orders. You are invited to apply to be amongst a few selected for the best business/investment opportunity of partnering or investing* (read notes at the bottom) in other entrepreneurs' tenders from large corporate companies and government parastatals and departments in South Africa.

How does MarketDirect Tender Funder Club work?

What if there was a market place which showed you a list of tendering/purchase orders business/investment opportunities already won or gotten from which you can pick the one you want to invest in? Well, there is such a service it is called MarketDirect Tender Funder Club. You need to have a minimum ZAR 100,000.00 you can invest in a tendering project for 30-60 days!

  • Get 10-15% "Interest monthly" or return*

  • Money markets, banks and other investment opportunities give you 10-15% per year, invest in real business/investment opportunities(tenders) but while keeping your investment safe* (please read notes at the bottom)

  • Super Compound Interest

  • How does R100 000 with a 15% monthly interest over 12 months becomes ZAR 535,025.01?**(please read notes at the bottom). Was it Einstein who said "Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world?" Even if it was not this remains true. Time or "n" in FV=PV(1+I)n or future value formula is very interesting ;)

  • No Need To Bid for Tenders! Pick From Already Won Tenders from Government & Big Corporate Companies

  • Why waste time bidding for tenders/purchase orders and losing many times over? We provide you tendering projects that already been won or gotten. Just select a tender/purchase order and pay suppliers. Join this elite investor club and get consistent BIG returns on investment.

  • Free Debt Collection & Business Legal Services

  • We collect your payment or money on your behalf after each tender/purchase orders project completion from government or corporate company, and if there are any legal complications we provide you a team of business lawyers free.

  • Free Project Management

  • We do the actual work! You just select an already secured tendering business opportunity and put in the money and we manage everything on your behalf.

  • Free Bookkeeping

  • We manage your tendering project accounting. We setup an FNB bank account on your behalf for your tendering project where your tender receivables and expenses will be executed.

  • Reporting

  • Track your funded tender/purchase order project progress till it's completion using your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

  • Access Your Projects Anywhere

  • Check the status of your projects via Desktop and Mobile.

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  • * - you are not loaning these businesses money, so in fact your return on investment can not be called interest but a share of profit in the tendering project, so we facilitate you partnering with other entrepreneurs' tendering projects, we negotiate an overall minimum return of 18-20% per tendering project per month for you, the already won tenders we show you are non-complicated and take 30-40 days from start to payment or finish.
  • ** - assumption is that you reinvest your 10-15% return or "interest" along with the principal month in new projects and that there is enough new projects for you to invest in for 12 months and that you can invest all of your money.